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The ratio free / cortisol testosterone decreased

The ratio free / cortisol testosterone decreased by 43% in those following a low-carbohydrate diet compared to those following a moderate-high carbohydrate diet. This means that in the group who consumed fewer carbohydrates, suffered a drop in testosterone levels and increased levels of cortisol.


We have to remember that those who follow a low calorie diet for a long time suffer a decline in their testosterone levels (5) so add an increase of cortisol and decreased testosterone by an intense workout with a diet low in carbohydrates maybe not the best idea to keep your strength during this stage.

Therefore, my recommendation is to avoid a ketogenic diet high intensity athletes or if we make a scoring at least 1-2 days a week REFEED to fill our glycogen stores. I hope from now you may have a better knowledge to plan your diet. Usually, people who follow diets in which animal products do responding to a particular philosophy of life and seeking health benefits that this type of diet promises guarantee are excluded.

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