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doesn’t lose more than he thinks he's going to lose or she loses more than he does decade sentiment is emotional downward spiral I GES when you first got on the scale with 39 62 pounds just three months ago course I gave you a Rachel the joint goal is 150 pounds she's lost 75 poundsat that so far so when you step on the scale that Goji Vita says287 pounds or less to be a gigolo ready running my does on the scale I think our age will be strange if one of us will succeed while it was avail holy molly brow jury 36 balance back to bed sporting are your rates you lost 86 pounds I so out okay for finally members are falling to where he can tonight at working her yeah I held up my she holy hell up in over half and it feels amazing eyes again you guys lost 261 pounds together hymen he's got the proof he needed transformation works alright well this.

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