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20 goes how to do that yeah well

20 goes how to do that yeah well that's for you to figure out that the idea of pot all outset get your body to do something it’s never done before so we've only asked did you 1 set so make it worthwhile okay Europe same way I don't wannainterrupt the set so you know is your what I preferred hyper first bought I’m is that prefer to get underneath okay so I give a bit of I use my arms to give a little more up doll more pressure to keep is trunk little more engaged so I can assist from here okay so as opposed to spawning from herein like to get a little more a I like to make you a more intimate heralright first things first Shine down rememberyeah her yep neck you tropical here hang up don't look of keep your neck hang on hang up affected keeping after the whole time yep your help think kid those gluts open up on the way down which includes open up good to and Superior Muscle X 11 K 14 good 15 lower 16 was looking at 10 a.m. at 17 Premark little or at better 18 that's better nineteen 20 Washington okay good I right unlike your 40 rep max alright but the idea there is the fine the most challenging 10 rep max and thenfigure out how to get 20 reps okay.

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