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we have crossed that power out reduced it by warm K makeup question soon to such thee-zone easier than the one above you could Plus two lots of X -3 any X lots picas -3 so the X -2 is a common factor so we can simplify can't sing to fighting top and bottom but the same number make expressed T over X and then finally because a-plus be what's up next 400-051
and think that's a vapor spill times but he wants be so we can a-plus be can cancel I'm left with X over 3 serve a minus be so hopefully got who for those questions correct well maybe you got that phone question but you have to keep seeing keep simple fun into defections simplistic be in its simplest form the case but it never on the video I said expert about to so that should have been plus to over X not experts to over to know it like it finished with four hard questions now these are harder because we have.

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