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With some things in life, you're better off hiring someone else to do it for you instead of doing it all yourself. Cleaning up is one of those things for some people and if that is the case for you then you should hire Companion Maids. We're Chicago's #1 maid service and will do a great job leaving your home looking spotless when we're done. We have a very quick and easy booking system that will take you under 60 seconds on the phone. We charge a very reasonable fee and the extra time that you have will allow you to focus on the more important things in life. Time is money and the extra time that you save will more than make up for the money that we charge. Call us today and a minute later you will have your appointment booked and be ready to go.

Companion Maids

500 N Michigan Ave #600, Chicago, IL 60611

(773) 346-6714


Companion Maids

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