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Bitcoin Miner Hosting Texas

The Best Bitcoin Miner Hosting Services Provider is the Asicspace. But the customers want to know the reason to choose Asicspace. The reasons are very obvious that it is located at Washington which has ideal condition for hosting the mining. Asicspace allow flexible contract to customers which is on the monthly basis. There also exist long term based contract. The customer can choose the contract that suits his pockets. The Asicspace allow the customer to have the full ownership of the mine at all the time, hence there is availability of direct VLAN remote access to all the customers no matter of size. The network provided by the Asicpace was redundant and configured for the multiple ISP’s. The primary ISP is one of the fastest fiber optic providers in the nation. The web interface can monitor temperature and hash rates and change pool settings on the fly. The facility provided by Asicpace is secured by CCTV’s and motion detectors. The most winsome feature is that Asicspace insure all miners for their full replacement value. There are so many reasons why one should go for the Asicspace.

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