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Complete Candy and Chocolate Making Kit

Our Complete Candy and Organic Chocolate (http://www.growandmake.com/culinary-craft-kits-diy/candy-making-kits) hard candy making kits includes everything you need to easily make seven delicious treats! When you were growing up, did you ever dream of working in a candy factory? Now you can—in the comfort of your own home! Grow and Make kit includes the high quality ingredients and equipment needed to create your own gummy candy, licorice, ganache-filled truffles, peanut butter cups, coconut-peppermint patties.and marshmallows—both regular and chocolate-dipped!

My Official Website:- http://www.growandmake.com/

Address:- 2143 NE 12th Ave, Portland, Oregon 97212

Phone:- 877 242 9041

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