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Muscle building Sought help for hope

Sought help for hope than crime and we've alluded to it prior to this acknowledge action to talk about so neurons are actually nerve cells baths something you can lead to brain neurons nerves uses specialized cells that transmit nervous impulses or messages their major regions associated with thisnarain it's a sound so it's going to have a cell body but what Blackline Elite we haven’t seen in the past when we talked about various types of cells is that there are these processes that come off the cell membrane actually extends outland isn't area that's full with a little bit of cytoplasm and some neurons ok start dinner and somebody is actually in your spinal cord in your back and the nerve acts on com the process on that goes all the way down to your child can be very long and so you can do an excuse for exxon'sand you would be damaging the ability for that in popsicle outstanding all your chose to get them to wool cell of the major agents of the neurons oversell body which has a nucleus and metabolic and the processes are fibers that extend from stamp on it the somebody is going to take contains specialize rough endoplasmic reticulum I .

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