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Bodies belonged to our spouse now doctor has many consequences upon society today I mean if you think about what's that what it does it destroys families it the more it destroys marriages in her children it hurts churches and what’s so alarming today church is that the adultery rape is almost as higher ass hi in the church as it is in the war got help got help I cannot overstate is I want to make thievery clear okay from outtalk because we're going to get to the grace and mercy in the compassion and be minute Belgian artist and his I cannot overstate is God hate this senior amen know what is a bill well it is a any sexual activity outside of the bonds a governor Mary it’s any sexual activity outside up the bonds a governor marriage sexoutside of marriage bonds and sex and many clothes fornication for those are better saying we'll get to that a few moments as well know what the punishment in the Bible times for Daughter now I want you to understand tonight if we had the same punishment today as they had in the Bible time we would not have any problems with population growth we run out of homes know what was.

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