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Platinum Slides

Have you ever wondered how striking a slide would look on you? iBraggiotti Fine Jewelry presents thousands of magnificent styles of slides exclusively for special individuals like you. Renovate your look with our dazzling collection of diamond slides, gold slides, sterling silver slides, platinum slides, gold pendants, sterling silver pendants, gemstone pendants and diamond pendants. Witness how these slides accessorize your radiant look in so many ways. Whether you would like them on your S curve necklace or pin them to your hats, you can add a touch of dress up to a turtle neck. Slides also look astonishing with a scarf. They add glamour to your already gorgeous aura. You can choose to have as many various styles of necklaces as you want, or you can get only one necklace with several slides as you simply can slide them through a loop either on top or at the back of the slide.


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