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Bright Eyes Drops for Cataracts (Ethos Head Offices)

Ethos was originally founded in August 2000 and its mission is to deliver the very best natural health products collected from all four corners of the globe.Most Doctors prescribe drugs that treat the symptoms NOT causes and have adverse side-effects that cause more problems which need more drugs to treat and it is then a never-ending downward spiral from there into dis-ease and illness. Conversely, taking our products daily, naturally promotes good health and wellness and helps protect you against dis-ease and prevents illnesses - welcome to the wellness revolution.Worldwide, glaucoma is the second leading cause of blindness; cataracts being the first. Glaucoma has been nicknamed the "sneak thief of sight" because the loss of visual field often occurs gradually, over a long period of time, and may only be recognised when it is already quite advanced.

Address : 303 Twin Dolphin Drive 6th Floor Redwood City, California 94065 USA

Website : http://ethos.ag/



Phone : 866-442-3426

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