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Out of nowhere. 12 am.

I received a message form her asking me if I was home, I was, she was wondering if I wanted to come over and smoke some, I agreed, she wanted me to promise not to kiss her in any way, just chat and smoke. I did promise.

as soon as I arrived she was out there, it was as if she was waiting I didn't see her come out, but I don't know... I hugged her tightly. I felt her hair around my arms again. intensively dark and soft... I looked around the place and it was nice, it was clean, it smelled like cigars and rum.

we talked for a bit, the conversation started very friendly, like any other, I have absolutely no idea how was I walking around without my legs failing on me, I was so uncontrollably nervous and I felt like I could fall flat on the floor in any minute, but there she was... with a peaceful beauty that has no comparison to any other living being... thank god I kept it together

we started talking, and the conversation took a depp turn, It was almost sad, it was a reunion that told how bad we where both doing. trying to hide the truth but we knew how things where really going, she was really high, she admitted it to me, I felt a little heart attack whe she said she had taken some pills, and I'm there sitting thinking to myself, "what do you want from me?"

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Ivane_tdit On 01/06/2014

we sat in the couch and smoked a bit, and soon after we started playing truth or dare, her idea. I chose truth many times, she asked how many girls had I kiss, I told the truth, I could see how my answer hurt her a little. I tried ecxplaining how one of them was a lesbian so It doesn't count in a funny way, she asked how that happened, but I replied, ah, that's another questions, it's my turn ;)

she chose dare, I dared her to take a halfnude picture of herself and send it to her bestfriend, but she had to show it to me first, she actually did!, she showed me the photos and fuck... fuck... at that moment I realized I couldnt keep my promise of not kissing her, not if I stayed there longer... but my body was unable to leave the room she was in, it was as if an external force was pulling me to her, making my mind wonder all the time where she was, even if I was staring right at her... my mind just asked about her, "where is she?" "look for her"

she dared me to dance I CANNOT dance in front of her just like that!, she kept saying that it was just her, but that was exactly the reason I couldn't, I sucked it up, I felt so embarrassed, that was the last thing I needed to feel, but man it must have been funny to watch, damn!

I dared her to write down 3 words, of what she tought of me, and hide the note somewhere in my car to see If I could find it someday, I haven't looked for it yet... I don't know what I'm waiting for...

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ivane_tdit On 01/06/2014

she finally asked If I ever tought of her, I replied with a simple yes... how could I not think of her? I do all the time, more than I'm willing to admit, even when I'm with somebody else, she just became too important in my life, and that feeling of attachment I have to her drives me everyday, its just a beautiful feeling that has the power to drive me insane, so yes, I do think about you,,, all the time.

I dared her almost kiss me for 30 seconds, she drew closer, and I caught her smell for the first time in the night, It was peacefully elegant, it remind me so many things, it was her again, the one I've had missed so much, with just a thin layer of air between our lips, I could feel the peach fuzz of her face on my cheeks, her nose running close to my lips, feeling her breath getting heavier and heavier as the seconds passed. I caught the beautiful escence of her and just before it was too tempting to kiss her, I stoped. 120 seconds passed.

she dared me to kiss her. and I instantly jumped over her, there was no way I could stop myself, there was no way I could do it slowly, there it was, that invisible force wrapping us, and I kissed her so passionately I could feel every kiss we ever had, her lips, so soft, so delicious, her tongue dancing with mine, running trough my teeth, there's not a hundred kisses that could ever match this one, it was perfect, It was rough, it was long, but to me it lasted less than a second. it was over.

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ivane_tdit On 01/06/2014

I had no Idea of how much I missed her after that kiss, It is clear to me why I care so much about her, theres just so much energy between us, its undeniable.

we chatted a bit more... and then tried to watch some tv on her room, ha! silly rabit... I kissed her softly this time, making my way to that passion from before, and before I could realize she was in top of me, grinding on my lap, and I already feel that I could come just from this... I took her shirt off and she took mine off. I hugged her hard, I wanted to feel her skin on mine, and it was so delicate, perfect, all over my arms and chest, I took her bra off, and exposed her breasts completely I grabed them firmly, feeling them entirely with my hands, big perfect tits, so suckable, I couldn't resist... I sucked on them hard, while I rubbed their hot shape.

with her still on top, grinding my cock under my pants I had to take them off. I did, and she took he shorts and panties off aswell. I hugged her side to side, and I slowly caressed her pussy, rubbing my hand against her clit, pleasuring with my fingers, and while I was at it she asked me to fuck her, but I wasn't finished, it was as if my fingers craved her pussy, that warm and wet femaleness that I can only compare to the sweetness of honey.

I pined her down and rested my whole body on her, kissing her and grabbing her ass, pushing my cock on her pussy, just to feel the pressure of her hotness. I went down really quick and licked her cunt just once

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ivane_tdit On 01/06/2014

out of impulse I just had to taste her, once again I remembered why. just one lick was enough, this time because I felt so turned on that I couldn't wait to fuck her...

I grabed her by her waist, placed a pillow under her and pushed my rock hard dick in her fleshy cunt, tasting her fluids dripping from inside her, and I hugged her. slowly trusting in getting deep into her, it felt as if every inch I went in the more intense and hot my body felt, I started slow, grabbing her, moving my hips, feeling her juices all around my dick, so sweet. I was so turned on that soon I was trusting her so hard that I was about to come, I did not wanted to stop, there was no way I was going to stop but... I did. I put on a condom and this time I gave it all, just remembering now, makes me want her again, now.

I continued fucking her for a while, looking at her tits bounce on every stroke I gave, trusting hard on her, sometimes grinding myself on her clit, and then hard again, until I had her sit above me, she made me lie down and fucked me, all her this time, grinding hard on my cock at first, but then trusting her hips on the tip of my dick, going just deep enough to make me ecstasy in seconds, but she continued and continued doing this, and I felt on the edge again, and this time I just couldn't stop it, I orgasmed for like it seemed a full minute since she continued fucking me, and I said, that's enough, but I was so weak that she couldn't hear me, and continued fucking me and fucking me.

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ivane_tdit On 01/06/2014

after that I was done, it was an explosion of pleasure rushing trough my body and we stopped, droped on the bed together and cuddled for the rest of the night, at this point there was no place on her body I hadn't touched, kissed or smelled, but I still wanted more, I wanted to appreciate every second I had with her, because let's face it... this might never happen again. no matter how much I want it again anda again endlessly, I just had no Idea.

I fell asleep eventually and woke up beside her, so turned on again, I rubber her pussy while she was asleep, I hope she dreamed of nice things while I was at it...

I kissed her face carefully, because it was time to leave. we ate breakfast together and then I said goodby with a last kiss on her lips.

now I miss her again.

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