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Jewel JS-12030-2E 12V 3A AC / DC power adapter

Jewel JS-12030-2E 12V 3A AC / DC power adapter
Input: AC 100-240V, 50-60Hz
Output: DC 12V 3A 36Watt
Connecter size: 5.5mm/2.5mm

# Compatible Part numbers:
ADP-15HB, PSA31U 120, HP 0950-3415, LSE9901B1250 LSE9802A1240, HP F1044B, F1044A, ADPC12350BB, HP F1044B F1044A ADPC12416BB, NL30-120300-l1, EA1050F-120, LSE0107A1236, EA1050F, SAD3612SE, PSCV360104A

# Compatible with the following LCD Monitors Series:
Acer LCD Monitors: AC501, AC711, AC915, AF705, AL506, AL511, AL512, AL532, AL712, AL713, AL715, AL716, AL722, AL732, AL922

ADI LCD MONITOR: A2304, A500, A5000, A501, A502, A505, A700, A701, A704, A707, A904, I600, I610, MJ15, MJ175, MX15, S500

AG Neovo LCD MONITOR: F-417, F-419, M-15, S15T, S15V

AOC LCD MONITOR: LM520, LM720, LM729, LM800, LM914

BenQ LCD Monitors: , FP2081 , FP450 , FP547 , FP553 , FP557 , FP563 , FP567 , FP581 , FP581 , FP591 , FP731 , FP747 , FP767 , FP791 , FP855 , FP991 ,

CTX: P922E, PV500BT, PV505B, PV520, PV700, PV720, PV720A, PV722E, PV722I, PV740MDV, PV910MD, PV5500B, S500, P922, PV500BT, PV505B, PV520, PV5500B, PV700, PV700B, PV70MDV, PV720, PV7201, PV720A, PV722E, PV722I, PV910MD, PV910MDB, S500, S501BA

Jewel JS-12030-2E 12

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