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GreenLine San Jose Garage Doors Service

4644 Ophelia Avenue
San Jose, CA 95122

(408) 419-1999


Mon - Sun 6am - 10pm

Payment Methods:
cash, check, credit cards

GreenLine San Jose Garage Door Services is here to help you with your garage door or gate problem. We assist residential and commercial customers. Sometimes, we get phone calls for issues that are actually rather simple. Locals might call us because the garage door opener isn’t operating with its remote. Instead of assuming the entire opener is broken, you can check the power source. It might have simply been disrupted. We also receive phone calls about garage doors that are unexpectedly reversing. It might just be that the close limit switch needs to be adjusted. We are able to offer simple potential solutions to problems that might seem bigger than they actually are. We are also able to deal with complex concerns. Our years of experience allow us to deal with just about anything garage door and gate related.

Garage door openers sometimes stop working. If you’ve determined that the problem isn’t power source interruption, call us! We also assist with maintenance.

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