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Rolling mill bearing is introduced

Line to the working characteristic of rolling mill imported bearing is in the condition of high speed, high impact continuous stable and reliable work, and has a longer fatigue life. Contour mill bearing a better resistance to wear, can

adapt to the high-speed rotation of the workplace.
Rolling mill bearing have four row taper roller bearings and double row cylindrical roller bearing. In general, coarse, medium rolling mill using imported four row circular cone roller bearings, finishing mill using double row

cylindrical roller bearings, horizontal mill and plumb mill using the same type of bearing.
Four row circular cone roller bearings, or double row cylindrical roller bearings, the basic structure of this similar with the traditional rolling mill bearing, but the design fully consider the various parts of the lubrication and

cooling problem, namely, ring, outer ring, ring insulation (for four row circular cone roller bearings), cage, roller (for double row cylindrical roller bearing) there are many trough,Outer Diameter Of Bearings http://www.bearing-us.com/ hole, etc. Such, groove, hole formation of

lubrication, cooling channels on the bearing seat, roll formed a solid lubrication and cooling system, coupled with good sealing device, so that you can in a state of high speed and high pressure bearing and stable running.

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