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y, a veces, aún delilah

This is how it works.
You take the things you like.
And try to love the things you took.
And then you take that love you made.
And stick it into some.
Someone else's heart.
Pumping someone else's blood.
And walking arm in arm.
You hope it don't get harmed.
But even if it does.
You'll just do it all again.

On August 25 2014 at Rock Sound, Bahamas, The 34 Views

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    Post your pictures here of interesting marquees at movie theaters - especially if they try to say something clever about the movie.

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    The time is now! We want to see what accompanies you most of the day, being at home, in the streets, or at work! Show us your shoes!
    O tempo é agora! Queremos ver o que o acompanha a maior parte do dia, sendo em casa, nas ruas, ou no trabalho! Mostre-nos os seus sapatos!

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