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Muscle building Long term side

Long term side effects you know no one's ever done in spending at what point do we think he then abehavior is that that people just shouldn't be allowed toengage in it I mean we do allow people to do not the things that canhurt them things Nitro Shred American new junkie plastic surgery anda I've had like my eyes down and rhinoplasty and clack pectoral implants by had been plannedbuttock augmentation and thank you remember right now and and can do the things we competed youcouldn't agree on a common thank you do you have a cam Newton beingdriven handling do anything weathered and he jumping here skydiving for Black Diamond the Nitro Shred home for phone to do one with the checkpoint in atremendous rift with no real in that the D you know if we allow although the rest why is it that we'retaking this position with respect anabolic steroids me okay 1988 43 Canadian sprinter and John the PD is archrival only in the100 meter sprint become the fastest man in history yeah weirdo grade and a the twenty-four hours later he testedpositive repairing in the game the gold medal aregoing own newsday international yeah even the idea that this canadiansspent their had gotten an advantage faith and youthinvolved in anything it's .

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