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Elliott Tool Technologies: Metal Finishing

Burnishing Tools
- ID Roller Burnishing Tools
- Boring Bar Style Carbide-Roll Burnishing Tools
- OD Roller Burnishing Tools
- Carbide-Roll Burnishing Tools
- Diamond Burnishing Tools

Mechanical Joining Tools
Mechanical Joining is a process used to join tubular elements to fittings or flanges by roller expanding or swaging. The joint created is far superior to welded or brazed joints. Elliott Mechanical Joining Tools have a wide range of applications in aerospace, hydraulics, automotive and other industrial applications.

Ellip-Deburr Tools
The Ellip-Deburr tool is an excellent tool for deburring holes on curved or elliptical edge surfaces. With its spring loaded and self centering pilot the tool produces an even chamfer around the circumference of the hole. The Ellip-Deburr is a proven tool for deburring oil holes in crankshafts.

Back Chamfering Unit
The BCU is an excellent tool for machining back chamfers from the front side of the component. The tool eliminates deflection by piloting in the component bore and is very repeatable because it actuates off of the face of the component. The standard cutters produce a 45 degree chamfer angle but special angles and radii are available on request.

Internal Recessing Unit
The Internal Recessing Unit (IRU) is the most efficient method of machining single or multiple grooves in one operation. The Elliott IRU is recognized as a “best in class” tool for machining metering lands in hydraulic valve bodies.

Elliott Tool Technologies Metal Finishing

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