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Your own and why you're going more quickly

Your own and why you're going more quickly you're always using cautions my pickup dismayed sorry panic really slow will have to speed up the bad feels likeamerica the routine and I have no idea how somebody in the 17 rooms in a day such an ass flash too much compared and you’re protecting yourself sorry if I'm an agate cells I V endured she was making sure that I was doing it right some that imp potential infection and control was being done properly hey you can't know no judge has the toilet now got to go might take down the toilet up all you’ve cleaned with that I think I am a disaster Extreme okay think something might have provided the foregoing an looking down at what we’re doing now the alarm over as Afghanistan the nurse comes running in here to rescue the patient I'll 100 for number one thing got mail I'm face a pimp on a top it’s bad enough equipment following you don't have a nap at the crack of and also it's a liability issue cell you've got to be really careful hey it's alright with you we come in to clean your room.
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