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And just live my normal aspen the new normal because it's not something I ever lifted Ford shot and I I'm happy family on our mind and that's our number one priority and we're trying to have a baby we’re not pregnant yet but we're hoping and the since we have been here I can’t wait to share it with the world Jackie and actor Ashton is today I was Goji Vita really excited to be able to comet New York City and me doctor Ashton from the revolution Inane show you something to help you understand what is going on with your ovaries so ovaries make testosterone okay a lot of women don't realize that we do make testosterone but with PCOS if you imagine each of these little dots here is a follicle or a small cyst because that’s really all alkyl is it in the field small cyst and these little follicles they eventually stimulate a higher level of testosterone and that's what's responsible for giving the irregular periods okay so good news for you and for any woman with PCOS losing just five to ten percent of their body weight oftentimes is all the ovaries need to get working on the right track again obviously law sixty-one percent of your body weight so your ovaries are really thanking you okay I'm I wanted to take you for a walk down memory lane tax is your .

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