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Avatar grace1019

Everyday i think about you

tell gosia and eli, i am good and miss her too..
actually i phoned brasserie several times.. but you guys were not there :(
anyway we spoke about the CD..cuz we could't find it here..thanks keep it!
please send it to my school!

Les-roches School of Hotel management

CH-3975 Bluche, Crans-montana(VS)


that's my school address..
miss you a lot, i will upload my foto every single day for you..hehe

love you so much-

On January 13 2008 98 Views

Avatar newdorothy85

Newdorothy85 On 24/11/2010

Grace, my lovishhhhh i miss you so much:(!!

Avatar newdorothy85

Newdorothy85 On 08/04/2008

Grace ^^
How are you?!?
Im in spain already!IŽm missing you so much, you canŽt imagine..I have to tell you so many things!Ive been trying to find a flight to your city, but its true that is really expensive..I have to search deeply:) When are you finishing in the school?Did you decide where are you going after now? I really want to see you, so, i dont mind if i have to go to switzerland, or another place, so you have to tell me!!
Now iŽm leaving, i will write you again another day, ok?I will be waiting for your answer.
I love you so much!!! :)


Avatar soyuncrack

Soyuncrack On 22/02/2008

hi grace!!!

it's eli!

we miss u!! tell us when r u coming to spain come on!!!!!

we need to see u again... :(

i hope all is going perfect to u. c u soon!!! kissssss


Avatar newdorothy85

Newdorothy85 On 19/01/2008

Hello ^^!!
How are u those days? I miss u here! I need to tell u all about Colin!hehe... There is a lot to tell!!Good and bad as well...

But now we are in a delicate moment...Im not really sure of anything! When i have news, ill tell u!

I love u!!

Avatar asturiankira91

Asturiankira91 On 15/01/2008

hi grace!!I'm covi(Isa's sister)
I just wanna say you hi,and say you thanks for had been a good friend to mi sister:)
well,I hope you're right
see you:)!!!

Avatar newdorothy85

Newdorothy85 On 14/01/2008

Now iŽm isa, and i only want to say to u that i miss u, and iŽll keep ur cd, dont worry.IŽll keep it, and iŽll send u!

Well, my beautiful corean^^, millions of huge kisses!!

Love u!!
Oh, and my spanish friends want to know u!And my sister n my father said to me: say hello to grace and give her a lot of kisses^^

I loveee uuuu!!!

Avatar newdorothy85

Newdorothy85 On 14/01/2008

grace i'm eli!

try to phone to the kitchen, u know that i'm always there ;)

we miss uuuu!

we have to speak about spain e? isa told me yesterday that is thinking about going to your school to visit u, maybe i'm going with her, it depends. i'll tell u.

bye gracy, write more about u, we want to know all like u were here. byeee xxxxx

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