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while i was 'studying'

trying something differant (:

On November 26 2008 1 Views

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Das_original On 27/01/2009


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Electrohade On 25/12/2008

lookin gid

merry xmas!!

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Never2008 On 29/11/2008

needs a bit of work , but its a good start man!

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Avek_one On 28/11/2008

im nut sure ether it looks like it says ymk or its just the way i am looking at it

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Reowillbeking On 27/11/2008

hmmm im not sure man but i like the k

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Alien17 On 27/11/2008

depends... nice sketch

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Vekta_today On 26/11/2008

nice sketch mate youre getting better ;);)

monk vt

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