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stewie & brian.

B: "Thanks, Horris."
"Hey, is he eighteen?"
B: "Horris, the drinking age is twenty-one."
S: "Okay, anh... anh... to the black men. Thanks for taking it all in stribe."
(playing PacMan) B: "Get- get the fruit, there's more points. Get the fruit!"
S: "I'm not gonna get the fruit."
B: "Get the fruit!"
S: "I'm not gon- I can't get the fruit!"
B: "Get the fruit!"
S: "I'm not gonna get the fruit, there's a ghost right there!"
S: "I can't believe you saved all these."
B: "Lois- Lois... you think Lois will like these?"
S: "You love Lois!"
B: "Shut up!"
S: "You- you know what? G-g-gimme your keys."
B: "Oh no, I'm fine."
S: "No, no, gimme your keys."
B: "I'm driving."
S: "Gimme your keys, you're too drunk."
B: "I'm okay."
S: "Peter. Meg. Brian. You're too... Brian, you're too drunk... to drive."
B: "I-I-I am... am... you're right, here you go."
(Stewie drives the car into the wall)
S: "Shhhhhh!"
"This was the scene at the drunken clan last night as a car driven by an intoxicated infant cost thousands of dollars worth of damage."
B: "Put this- put this on my tab."
S: "It was- it was, like, all slow down, you know? And I was, like, whoooa! But I couldn't stop it."

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