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Hi people!!! look at this wonderful paella!! my friend "edo" is the cooker!! and i have to say that it was really tasteful!!:P:P of course it was 2 weeks ago, but i think that we should make one each 2 weeks!!xd:P or not??

well... now i have to go to zaragoza... so i am sorry but this weekend i am not going to stay here.. what is a sit because this is the frist weekend after selectividad, and i really wanted to go out!! and drink a lot, and make stupids things...etc...hahaha, i will miss you friends xd

i was going to put, how to make the paella in the photo, but it is a secret from the chef, so if he allow me i would told you!!xd, yesterday with bikes was funny, but i am really tired and i have (agujetas en el culo) i don't know how to put that...xd:P. and henar please.. buy another bike!! and marina don't try to go without hands in my bike!!¬¬...

well now i am leaving to zaragoza so i will come back on monday!! see you people!!!

pd. i hope that my friends in rome, that are right now in spain, would write here about theirs trips..xd:P and you can told me all!! even in spanish:P:P

p.p.d. buyuyus este verano hay que irse a la playa!!

On June 20 2008 2 Views

Avatar pulgaa30

Pulgaa30 On 23/10/2008

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Avatar nenageme

Nenageme On 11/08/2008

JUAN!!!la del pelo cortoO es RaQel!!! jjj, parece mentira q todavia no ns conoxcas...¬¬...

q tal x DUBLIN!?¿

1 besitoO!!


Avatar marta_fatima

Marta_fatima On 29/07/2008

juaaaN te vas mañana ya?
y no nos lo diceeS??

Avatar pris_titi

Pris_titi On 25/06/2008

eyyy !! q tal Juan ?


ya decia io q no podias haberla hecho tu.....jajajajaja

bueno pues nada..luego no digas q no te firmo eh??

bueno pasate x el mio.. ^^


_______PriSciLa **

Avatar tocapelotas20

Tocapelotas20 On 21/06/2008

Un fotolog en ingles tio... ni me paro a leerlo pero no tienes verguenza... ke no entiendo nada tio... hazlo x getne como yo ke te apreciamos (o eso te hacemos creer) y pon las cosas en español para ke podamos leerlo!

Avatar tocapelotas20

Tocapelotas20 On 21/06/2008

Vete a tomar por culo...

Avatar 20_xanita_92

20_xanita_92 On 20/06/2008

i'm hungRyyy!! =P
summeR summeR summeR!
I hope to see you at swimming pooL
this mOnday no? xD

Avatar mini_martuxi

Mini_martuxi On 20/06/2008

wolaaaa!!!eso eso kedar pa ir a la playa y venirse pa murcia jajaja!!ok??jajaja!!ainsss dios mioooo!po weno yo n voy a leer to eso k as puesto xk sta en ingles y n m da la gana d leerlo ya bastante tuve ace dos años en inglaterra km pa k tu aora vayas poniendo los textos dl fotolog en ingles...la mare k t pario...XD!!asik yo t escribo en español joer pa k se note jajaja!!!po weno niño k a ver kando ns vemos y ya sabes alguna visita x aki x murcia...xDD!!besikos tk

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