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About everywhere you turn but the truth ingrains are not human food their cattle food because in humans they trigger a spike in foreign an increase in body fat percentages that's why I showed you a picture of a cow leading grains earlier remember in cattle grains produce muscle growth mean that we can get more lean meat from each animals for food in fact cereals is a very common type of grain and are actually a kind of graph and I think you already know that Nitroxin our stomachs were not built for eating grass yet since the industrial revolution when we started mass-producing our food cereals and other grains have become staple love the modern diet and the results are obvious a population that is growing morbidly obese the reason why our bodies are not designed to eat grains it spikes are in Flint instantly turning food into fat so unless you're a cow or you want to become one then you must avoid grains at all cost to keep your insulin levels lowland your body burning fat for fuel it's really easy to replace them .
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