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Romance sonambulo

Green. How I want you green.
Green wind. Green branches.
The ship out on the sea
and the horse on the mountain
with the shade around her waist
she dreams on her balcony.
Green flesh, her hair green
under the gypsey moon,
all things are watching her
and she cannot see them.


Green is my favourite colour. Natures colour.
trees and meadows. Fields and valleys.
Red is agressive. It shouts at you.
Yellow was Vincents favourite colour, but it is hot and dusty, like the desert.
Blue? Pretencious.
I love green, But Lorca says it better than I could ever do.

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Our_daily_food On 11/01/2010

Hi there!
Which salad do you mean?

Have a nice day, greetings, L

Avatar jazz_is_life

Jazz_is_life On 01/09/2009


Si te gusta el jazz y sus vertientes, aqui tienes un espacio de buena musica, espero te guste y te dejo nuestro canal en Youtube para que disfutes de los videos y canciones que hemos subido :D


Avatar our_daily_food

Our_daily_food On 27/07/2009

Re: I'm a total cheese monster,and than I mean all kinds of cheeses (soft, red, blue)!! Love raw milk cheeses the most.
But most of the time we eat cheese at breakfast or lunch and my pictures are always diner pictures.

Do you like cheese too?

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Lightbox On 23/07/2009

Oh, I just realised that there is no green in the foto!
But it fits Lorca's poem, the gypsey on the balcony, dont you think?

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    Uma pitada de sal, outra de pimenta do reino, amasse o alho, refogue no azeite. Mostre seu talento, o seu tempero único, aquilo que tem a sua marca. Comida! Gostamos de prepará-la, fotografá-la especialmente, porque se o homem é aquilo que come, nós comemos arte.

    Sejam bem vindos


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