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Vita Alcohol no Engorda

Vita new drink sugar free is an exceptionally smooth and distilled drink with a wonderful flavour, great to be used in various cocktails, shots and deserts. It comes with a premium combination of freshly selected natural lemon peel extracts and is best used with water for maximum benefits without worrying about the bad taste like other products. The drink is suggested to be used as a dietary supplement for a fresh body, mind and soul. It offers a delicious and refreshing option for those who want to enjoy some great moments while taking good care of their health. It comes with less calories, no additives and no sugar and is specially distilled with a unique citrus formula for an awesome citrus taste, making it a great choice for people of all ages.

Mix a required percentage into the water, shake well until mixed properly and enjoy. More information about our service visit official website: http://www.vitaspirits.com

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Ilusas_promesas On 27/03/2017

Buenas tardes!!!
he subido fotito después de mucho tiempo...
me paso por aquí a dejarte un saludito!
pásate si quieres por mi flog, devuelvo FF y flash.

Buen día!


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