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Dennis Rodman buys S&S Oil in Texas and touches glass rim

After I heard about him retiring basketball I searched him out and found he bought a young men's business that was grandfathered into their lives.

The rim is a real ufo for all you non-believers. But for the world that turns due to a gravity star pulling it along with all of your nebula disk. You may want a reminder that even some things that may look hard and harder can sometimes fool you thinking your drinking water. Until the liquid makes you feel the spinning much-much stronger.

By the touch of the glass rim a fulgurite can spin a web on a squelch to make fingers cross and make you wonder who I really am. "And I was hoping to find him willing to let me add something DIFFERENT to his hair.

To only help filter the oils to making clean toxic matter the most for us all that like clean water and air! -"Even if you feel like the misses ~hello kitty lavigne~ that learned from my Galaxy Meteorite Sales and Promo-Statures. Now becoming the name I first sold a hundred as; Rainbow Magma Coral ;and also in Texas. Right after I lost him to black gold! -and who is she..."?" Dinosaur Meat!

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Sera un apasionante recorrido por el mundo de los dulces,caramelos,pasteles,ademas habrian recetas de todo tipò de pasteles,asi todo el mundo las podria hacer, y ademas tambien podrian subir sus recetas dulces todo el mundo .en resumen un grupo muy dulce y fantastico lleno de caramelos.

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