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[i][[/i][i]Friars Club Testimonial Dinner, 1955[/i][i]][/i]

[i]« Norma Jeane spent her time playing outside with empty[/i] [i]whiskey bottles[/i]: ‘I guess I must have had the finest collection of bottles any girl ever had. I’d line them up on a plank beside the road and when people drove along I’d say "[/i][i]Wouldn’t you like some whiskey[/i][i]?" »[/i]

[i]{ Marilyn Monroe: Private and Confidential by MICHELLE MORGAN }[/i]

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Marilyn missed so much- with the zwelch in lust with every ring to every fling. Gonna darn the sock by midnight and dog the watchtower until mist of day-breaking to daylight saving my time. Oops not Crops! "I got off track and found myself with zest on the west coast to learn to not beat the eggnog over the sequined dress until its blessed. Oh how I miss myself and -Marilyn- only she can show the gals how to show it off. Until -then"

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