Avatar karlbenitez

Karlbenitez On 10/10/2015

Outstanding photo of a flower

Avatar ariesleo6449

Ariesleo6449 On 10/10/2015

Superb detail love.. .. proud of your works!! Love you more!!

Avatar albamar4k

albamar4k On 10/10/2015

I agree bff, very lovely flower and best close up shot, regards to you both

Avatar amarialilia42

Amarialilia42 On 10/10/2015

Candlelike flower sir! Beautiful! Good eve to you and maam

Avatar charmaineasilo

Charmaineasilo On 10/10/2015

So alluring!!

Avatar mariajudith

Mariajudith On 10/10/2015

Unique kind of flower bro jan and its one of my lovely flowers you shared!! Godbless you and sis!

Avatar sweetjade

Sweetjade On 10/10/2015

So lovely and awesome shot

Avatar danielle69

Danielle69 On 10/10/2015

Wow this is a very beautiful flower!!

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  • flowerpower


    flowers in their natural surroundings. No coloured or painted flowers. No other things in the picture but flowers.
    As description: Name of the flower and the country where the picture was taken.

  • everythingdutch


    Group Flog about anything Dutch: tulips, clogs, architecture, art, food, weed, whatever you consider typical for this country. But not just the traditional things, we want to show our diversity to the rest of the world too! The photos may be taken on the other side of the world if you se there something that totally reminds you of Holland...! PLEASE give detailed information with your submission.
    Hier kun je alles kwijt dat typisch nederlands is, waar je je voor schaamt of waar je trots op bent

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