Avatar ganzjordan72

Ganzjordan72 On 04/08/2015

Nice capture bro

Avatar aikagarcia

Aikagarcia On 04/08/2015

You know im learning to love your other pictures aside from flowers dr jan!! I realized its done with taste and captured so well. My compliments! Regards to you and my friend !

Avatar mavicgold

Mavicgold On 04/08/2015


Avatar kevincornista

Kevincornista On 04/08/2015

Excellent capture!!

Avatar scorpionights96

Scorpionights96 On 04/08/2015

Best job done uncle jan!! Keep it up! Regards to,the family !

Avatar lopezgym

Lopezgym On 04/08/2015

Wonderful shot!!

Avatar karlbenitez

Karlbenitez On 03/08/2015

So impressive capture and nice design

Avatar amarialilia42

Amarialilia42 On 03/08/2015

A very beautiful hotel sir! Nice shot! Good morning to you and maam!

Avatar clairechua

Clairechua On 03/08/2015

Wow very interesting capture!

Avatar janren12

Janren12 On 03/08/2015

Im in awe with this kind of capture tatay. The perspective is fine, the architecture is simply eye catching and well,composed! Thumbs up!

Avatar melissacalderon

melissacalderon On 03/08/2015

I do agree with you janren!! I like your comments, with sense! No offense meant with other comments here... right mommy? Hehehe

Avatar scorpionights96

scorpionights96 On 04/08/2015

He's my best buddy who stays humble even when praised , hey!! want to tell them you always get the highest score in essays hahaha now that they know you should treat me at mcdonalds when i return home okay???? Just missin ya!!

Avatar aikagarcia

aikagarcia On 04/08/2015

Hello melissa, is my comment approved to your taste? Hahaha i studied it well lol!!! Janren is really a smart boy. Of course coming from smart parents! No,question!

Avatar ganzjordan72

ganzjordan72 On 04/08/2015

Dont ever change my dear nephew because i never changed lol!!! Proud of him!

Avatar danielle69

Danielle69 On 03/08/2015

The design is awesome!

Avatar albamar4k

Albamar4k On 03/08/2015

This is one of your best capture of building jan! I like it!! Regards to you and bff!

Avatar charmaineasilo

Charmaineasilo On 03/08/2015

Beautiful building! Nice shot

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