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sea of lies-symphony x

Today I've seen the shallow face I wear
Inside this shell
I living hell endures
I'm held captive by my fear
decaying hope and wasted years
The knife of time carves another line
around these eyes

Good and evil - lust primeval
Dragging me into a sea of lies...lies

Losing faith in who I am
Never changing just rearranging
my life again
Through into an eternal abyss I fall
Silent screams through paper walls
I pray someday the sun will shine
on me again (shine on me again)

Good and evil - lust primeval
Dragging me into a sea of lies...Lies...


On January 23 2007 20 Views

Avatar mm_thedeathsong

Mm_thedeathsong On 02/01/2009

mira vos, sigo con este flog entre los f/F xP

Avatar between_insect

Between_insect On 28/07/2007

tiempo sin pasarme por aki

bkn la foto

nos seguimos pasando


Avatar antichrist555666

Antichrist555666 On 21/04/2007

holaache a ver si posteas de nuevo ¬¬ | abrazo

Avatar sole__mona

Sole__mona On 10/03/2007

pendejaroga ke no te cruzees mas te voy a ir a buscar a tu colegiopero a voste rompo todos los huesos negra hija de puta

Avatar acdc_camera1943

Acdc_camera1943 On 11/02/2007

volbeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee puta XD

Avatar vampiresdonthurt

Vampiresdonthurt On 04/02/2007

mmmmmmm ¬¬ nunca mas me firmaste, ni hablaste por msn, ni conectaste, ni nada ¬¬ ja mmm no se no me importa :P jaja che bueno nose ni idea que dcir, me voy adios, besos y cuidate

Avatar acdc_camera1943

Acdc_camera1943 On 01/02/2007

firmo de nuevoooooooooopq toy al pedoXDDDDDDDDDDse t kierer

Avatar acdc_camera1943

Acdc_camera1943 On 28/01/2007

firmo d enuevopasatet kieroxDDDDawant queenxDDDDDDDDDD

Avatar acdc_camera1943

Acdc_camera1943 On 26/01/2007

hola chepasate t kiero chetengo ganas de verte...lo mal es q estas en cordoba...x(sos grossachegraxxx por todoy lo reitero...tu flog esta mas muerto q john lennon xDDDDchau

Avatar laru_sk8

Laru_sk8 On 24/01/2007

t amo amoreyo t [email protected]

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