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College- or University-Bound? Students and Parents Need to have "The Talk": RBC Poll

Parents know less about their child’s spending during university or college than they may think, according to the latest 2014 RBC Student Finances Poll. While nine out of 10 parents (90 per cent) say they know roughly how much debt their child has, only 78 per cent of students agree. More than half of students (55 per cent) say they’ve sometimes hidden how much they spend from their parents, but only about one-third (33 per cent) of parents believe their child has sometimes hidden how they are spending.

A large majority (76 per cent) of students say they are confident in their ability to manage their finances, but many students (87 per cent) believe they still have a lot to learn. And while 89 per cent of parents believe they’ve been a good financial role model, fewer students (80 per cent) believe that to be true.

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