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Hi Fotologgers!
I just realized that soon my Fotolog account is going to be 10 years old! I would say that this is quite an achievement… :)
I really owe a lot to this website as I started to appreciate photography through its pages and valuable artists who used to post here…
At the same time through Fotolog I met a lot of beautiful and interesting people that I would call friend nowadays, some of them I lost in the way and others have been able to play a special role in my life and yet have a special place in my heart.

Therefore is very hard to say that I’m going to close my account…Unluckily I think that Fotolog is not anymore the charming place I used to know – maybe I changed - and since I’m not uploading pictures that frequently I think that it is useless to use my account as a storage of memories which instead I just want keep for myself.

I will keep posting until 27th of November, hopefully everyday…as a good goodbye to the ones who passed by my page during these years.

If you appreciated my work, you can keep following me here:


also, send me a private message if you want to keep in touch.


On October 29 2015 at Dharmapuri, Tamil N?du, India 205 Views

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