Avatar cindy001

Cindy001 On 17/03/2015

Hi,Thank Dear My name is Miss Cindy. I saw your profile, nice to meet you today my first time here hope we can share things by knowing each other the more, here is my email ([email protected]) please can you contact me through my email address, so i can send u my pictures.
Miss Cindy Evans.
[email protected]@ ____________ @@@
__ @[email protected] ________ @[email protected]
_ @[email protected][email protected][email protected]
__ @[email protected] _______ @[email protected]
___ @[email protected] ___ @@ [email protected][email protected]
_____ @@ __ @[email protected] [email protected]
______8___ @[email protected] __ 8
______)[email protected][email protected] ___)
_____([email protected][email protected] ___(
_____(_________(_____( ★
______)_________)___ __

Avatar ru2000

Ru2000 On 21/06/2012

Hello My Love,
My name is miss Ruth dickson i saw your profile today and become interested in you.i will like you to contact me through my private email ([email protected])so that i can send you my pictures and also tell you more about my self.this is my contact ([email protected])
yours lovely Ruth

Avatar preciouslove111

Preciouslove111 On 10/04/2012


am miss precious,please contact me back on this id ([email protected] )
there is something i want to share with u and also give you my pictures
thank you.( [email protected])

Avatar jose__mari

Jose__mari On 30/06/2010

ia fa temps k no set veu el pel..
avere akest estiuet si coincidim en les festetes:)
cuida't un ptoo uapaa!(kkk

Avatar ask0devida

Ask0devida On 13/06/2010


Que tal? Com va tot??
A veure quan ens vens a veure a Solivella, eehh!! jejeje
Però bueno, aviat estiuet jaaa!! jeje

Espero que tot bé!

Un petonet guapa!!

Avatar djogiba

Djogiba On 29/05/2010

iep maca!
espero veret prompte que fa un munt que no et vec, el dia 12 estare a Valls amb els Baratos, avera si et vens i ens veiem!

un peto molt fort maca!


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