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September Updates from YouLong Poodle Breeding Center...

bred single-handedly by Teddy Bear Mommy, 
we provide wide selections of fur colours, sizes and 
other features in our Teacup Teddy Bears (Teacup Poodles).

such spiritual creatures these Teacup Teddy Bears are, 
they react upon the emotions of their owners, highs and lows, 
ups and downs, forever they will always be the same lovely
sweetheart when you first met, young and beautiful...

Teddy Bear Mommy raise these beautiful Teacup Teddy Bears
as her own children, spoil them with so much love and tender...

when these little angels arrive at new homes, 
the only thing we ask of the new owners is to 
ensure their safety and comfort, and cherish these
precious darlings with every way possible!!

*do not rush into any decisions before having a
serious discussion with your families/people you live with.


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