Avatar selina123

Selina123 On 20/09/2014

My name is selina i will like you to reply me for something important through my email address below or send me your email to me, thanks ([email protected])

Avatar jenifer102

Jenifer102 On 19/03/2012

Hello ([email protected])
My name is Miss Jenifer, i am very sexy looking young girl, i saw ur proflie at(fotolog.com) and i disced to contact you to have a relationship with you, i will like you to write me back through my email address thus
([email protected]) so that i will send you my picture, so for you to know who i am, i have something VERY IMPORTANT to tell you about my self. please contact me direct to my email

Your New Friend
Miss Jenifer.

Avatar bygirld

Bygirld On 15/02/2012

¿Cómo estás hoy?
Mi nombre es Caridad, tengo 24 años desde África.
Soy una chica soltera en busca de persona honesta y buena para la amistad.
Te estoy deseando mucha felicidad. ([email protected])
Me gustaría saber de usted para que yo pueda decirle más sobre mi mismo.
Gracias y ser bendecidos.
Un abrazo,

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