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Namkhan Eco farm and Public Gardens in Luang Prabang, Laos

NamKhan Eco Farm will be joining the global permaculture network, Permacultureglobal– an Australian organization which aims to spread the concept of permaculture, globally. Knowing that, the NamKhan Eco Farm will be offering various permaculture courses (including Permaculture Design), as of 2018.

As of the beginning of February Patrick Vilbert, a French permaculture expert will be joining the team as manager of the NamKhan Eco Farm.

Laos, the so called landlocked, ‘forgotten’ country is situated in the north of Thailand and home to LuangPrabang – a protected UNESCO world culture heritage site. It lies at the heart of Laos and it’s a meeting point of Mekong and NamKhan rivers.

The NamKhan Eco Farm lies about 2 km outside of Luang Prabang and stretching about for one km along the NamKhan River.
You can visit their website http://www.namkhanproject.com/ to know more about their project.
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