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In the end I am the only one having a hard time... and all this time he only played me, mocked me and made me look like the most stupid person in the world in front of the people that were part of that life we shared there. And what really makes me feel bad about this whole situation is the position I am in right now. The fact that I renounced to everything that was precious to me, the lifestyle that I loved because of the pain he inflicted to me... And it is the kind of life I cannot go back to anymore... He did not only hurt me and killed all my hopes and dreams, but is also responsible for the painful, boring, hopeless life I have to endure right now. He pushed me into a situation where I had no choice at all and after all the only one whose life's changed drastically and not in a good way is me. He still lives in the city I love, still plays with all women while promising another poor girl eternal love and he still lives the life he wants while complaining about it not being the life he wants to live. If only I had the chance and the money to go back... If only my parents did not put so much pressure on me about how hard it was for them when I was so far away... If only... If only.

On October 11 2015 at Seoul, S?ul-t'?kpy?lsi, Korea, South 13 Views

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