Avatar goonike

Goonike On 13/08/2010

thanks to your read,
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Avatar readictaloduulce

Readictaloduulce On 29/07/2010

100% Hermoso boee(?
Te Qiero Gato :P

Avatar no_existo_sin_vs

No_existo_sin_vs On 11/06/2010

e pedaso d ejil

un 70%

jaja besos

Avatar hagam0sc0mpl0t

Hagam0sc0mpl0t On 26/05/2010

jaa se t quiere :) besitos..

Avatar hagam0sc0mpl0t

Hagam0sc0mpl0t On 26/05/2010

y sacate-.-

Avatar aqiinoailoser

Aqiinoailoser On 26/05/2010

100% Amigoooo :)

Avatar ijustloveyou_128

Ijustloveyou_128 On 26/05/2010

Perdon , soy Juli, con el fotolog de Emi

Avatar ijustloveyou_128

Ijustloveyou_128 On 26/05/2010

no mentiraaaaaaaaaaa :)
100% pero como amiga :)

Avatar ijustloveyou_128

Ijustloveyou_128 On 26/05/2010

ajaja :) O%

Avatar consaaboramelon

Consaaboramelon On 25/05/2010

60 % cmo amigo ehh ;) , cuidate Jony G. !

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