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<3 mi bby & mee <3

awww a esewerkiitoo io lo <3 adooro <3 mas kee a nadaa va ke si amorr pero weno esa ia es otra historia jaja wenoo iaa sabran por ke la imagen weno ia saben kien aii pss el bby de chucky es ii psss la otra tifff su morral jaja jke es esoo osease iooo kuidencee los amoo mill8 miil a la miil

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Esther4good On 26/03/2012

Dearest One,
In fact, I am very happy to write you at this time when two of us are looking for a soul mate in this lovely site (www.fotolog.com) My name is Esther Namogo. I believe that this likeness that i came knocking at the door of your heart,that you will open it for me to enter.I will be very grateful if we can establish this relationship.I will be stopping here for now;till I hear from you.Yours Esther.Please try to use this email adderss([email protected]) to send me your mail to my inbox so that I can send you my picture and tell you more about me.
Thanks and God bless.

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Ffaaabii On 23/06/2011

eii ia ni rekordaba komo subir pikss ske pss lo ke hace el face ii el tweeter vdd bby ailoviuu muchii 3

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