Avatar queen45

Queen45 On 01/02/2014

Hello Friend,
how are you, My name is miss Miriam I saw your profile today,
And after going through it i decided to ask you to be my friend,
Please here is my email ([email protected])
where to send me message so that
i will send you my photo ok, and
i will tell you more about myself so that
you will tell me more about yourself too. I hope
to here from you soonest. via again email
[[email protected]]
yours Miriam

Avatar bes0depulga

Bes0depulga On 25/05/2013

PppúuUuuUzZLeEeÈh de demi

Avatar labiiosdefresah

Labiiosdefresah On 24/05/2013

dÉÉmÍÍ mÝ lLiÍfFféÈ

Avatar psamehelvo0ozkah

psamehelvo0ozkah On 25/05/2013

AndD làa myYá tmBien hiJja...

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