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Mr. Right - Fearless Warrior vs. Undisciplined Child

- is a loyal person
- doesn't take love for granted
- remebers little details that make me happy
- respects people
- manages conflict and stressful situations well
- makes minimal drama and isn't jelaous
- shares my values and we have a general compatibility when it comes to moral and ethics
- inspires me to be the best version of myself
- is comfortable being what he is and doesn't put masks to flatter people
- listens without judgement
- says things as they are
- is responsible for his choices and stands behind them
- understands my needs for independence, my interests, responsibilities and friends
- installs in me respect towards him without having to impose it
- has an openess and understanding to mutually work out our major differences
- is a gentleman and has good manners
- doesn't play tricky mind games neither is manipulative
- has a positive and calm energy
- is a mix of a fearless warrior and undisciplined child
- in love has learned the art of "winning by appearing to lose"
- doesn't give flattering compliments when they are not needed
- has a consideration for others and their feelings
- his high values are: honesty, generosity, health, family and kindness to others without having the fear of being hurt.

Mr. Right

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