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Nice if you know you’re a billionaire in new

Nice if you know you’re a billionaire in new and nice to the Arnold you are a billionaire hi read an article recently you want you are one of the highest-paid stars in the world you're a billionaire are you twenty million dollar man who are you know I don't talk about management rather talk about it Munich right I remember my computer know you you are a billionaire an insult to the media if you were bill you know how would you spend your money and you did something think is that is fantastic read he bought and eighty million dollar jumbo jet is a true all I there eighty million dollars in a good the seven forty-seven for $80 million dollars as seven forty-seven you have 140 year went out a hundred why not why not hold here make problem here good job on it I got to get a ride 100 234 million dollars yes to buy a jumbled you own it you own it of course it's yours yes is mine is that by the way goes to maintain but more important to us which is better a big penis or owning.
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