Avatar nuevabetty

Nuevabetty On 19/10/2014

Nos agregamos a effes?

Avatar las_1001_bettys

Las_1001_bettys On 18/10/2014

Gracias por visitarme! Nos agregamos a effes?

Avatar jackito_gaete_7

Jackito_gaete_7 On 07/09/2014

buenas noches

Avatar alejandro_adida

Alejandro_adida On 06/09/2014

Bienvenue sur le site web de Fotolog, Inc.
OK .

Avatar paramorenow

Paramorenow On 06/09/2014

Hi Nelson, ¿how are you? I'm from Argentina, and I speak a little english. I'd like learn better english first. I hope you are well, goodbye!

Avatar florb_love

Florb_love On 05/09/2014

Buen finde!

Avatar jackito_gaete_7

Jackito_gaete_7 On 05/09/2014

buenas noches

Avatar florb_love

Florb_love On 04/09/2014

Buenas tardes!

Avatar scotty2000

Scotty2000 On 04/09/2014

Dear Friend,

I am Barr. Nelson Robert Esq, I have a vital information about a deceased client of mine and his un-claimed fund and investments here in the Republic of Benin that might interest you. I seek your consent to be nominated as the beneficiary of deceased client un-supervised fund and estate left behind at his demise. I want the fund to be transferred into your bank account after which we will both share the fund at the rate of 60% for me and 40% for you.

The total sum in question is Twenty One Million Three Hundred and Fifty Thousand Only. (US$21,300 000.00). Kindly get back to me with the below full information about yourself to know you more and to prepare legal backup for this claim on your behalf, contact me through my private e-mail box here ([email protected])

Full name/-------------------
Private E-mail Address/-----------------
Mobile/Tel number/---------------
Country of Resident/---------------

As soon as I receive your information's i will give you more details about the business.


Barr. Nelson Robert Esq
Private e-mail: ([email protected])

Avatar scotty2000

Scotty2000 On 04/09/2014

FAKE- Estafador

Avatar adryguisca_1976

Adryguisca_1976 On 03/09/2014

Genial foto
♥Gracias Por Pasar♥Te Devuelvo la Firma♥

Avatar mandolinas

Mandolinas On 03/09/2014

Ata foto. Gracias por pasar. Te devuelvo la firma :)

Avatar the_rumic_world

The_rumic_world On 03/09/2014

Gran Foto
♥Gracias Por Pasar♥Te Devuelvo la Firma♥

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