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Vai com os anjos, vai em paz....

Era assim todo dia de tarde, a descoberta da amizade....

e o que sinto nao sei dizer.....

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Marriott On 16/05/2013

The management of Marriott hotels Canada,
need new workers, which careers suite into this work categories, Stewards, nurses, Technicians, Fashion designers , comedians and Entertainers, models, actors, dancers, medical doctor, Artisans, Mechanics, engineer, cleaners, washers, security, Club Bouncers, Catering supervisor, Cooks, Receptionist, Food & Beverage Management, Store Keeper, Landscape & graphic designer, Computer Engineering, professional massage, Professional Chauffeurs, professional beauticians, professional Gardener and florist, Gym and exercise instructors, etc.
Our hotel will be responsible for the payment for his/her air ticket and accommodation, so if you are interested you can contact us via this below e-mail address link with your C.V.E-mail..([email protected])

We look forward for your prompt reply via this email address for more details.


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