Avatar 6element

6element On 04/12/2004

Beautiful image....very well done.

Avatar fotofaerie

Fotofaerie On 03/12/2004

absolutely stunning

Avatar sandman44

Sandman44 On 03/12/2004

BEautiful night shot!

Avatar night_n_day

Night_n_day On 02/12/2004

Look at all those lights...WOW! Breathtaking image

Avatar jbtsugar89

Jbtsugar89 On 02/12/2004

Gorgeous, really!

Avatar ziperono

Ziperono On 02/12/2004

hi there , beautiful picture of the marina. I just opened my fotolog,Vancouver is a beautiful place for taking night shots, maybe we`ll meet someday. Cheers.


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    Pictures here could include anywhere in Lower ******** West of the Pitt River, North from the Canadian Border to the Northshore & the Mountains, Bowen Island to the Middle of the Straight of Georgia & around the corner up Howe Sound to Britannia.

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