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THE GODDESS FREYJA Freyja was originally a Goddess of the Vanir, a group of God/desses who fought with the Aesir of Odin, Thor, Frigga, etc. After a long costly war the two sides made peace and part of the deal was the coming of Njord, Freya and her twin brother Freyr to live with the Aesir. She is the best known of the Aesir Goddesses at this time. Also know as the Frowe, her name means LADY. Potrayed as a beautiful Blue Eyed, Golden Haired Goddess Freyja is much desired by not only the Gods and Giants and other beings, but humans as well. However, Freyja is a very strong and independent Goddess who does not submit to anyone or anything at anytime. :) A strong willed, independent Goddess, Freyja is Queen of the Valkyries and collects half ot the Fallen Warriors while Odin gets the other half. Freyja takes them to her hall the Sessrumnr while Odin takes his half to Valhalla. Freyja also has a hall that was gifted to her when she came from the Vanir to the Aesir. It is called Folkvang. Freyja is the Goddess of Love and Sexuality whether it that of lovers or the lust-filled kind. As the Goddess of riches Freyja is formeost in creating and bringing wealth to those she favors. As a Fertility Goddess her feritility brings the life force to the Aesir and humans. Thus she is very much desired by the Gods, Giants, Alfs and humans, but is fiercely protected by the Aesir since loosing her from the ranks of the Aesir would greatly weaken the Aesir and humanity also. As the Goddess of witches she teaches magick while as the Goddess of shamanism she teaches pathworking, being a seer and Seidr. A powerful and independent Goddess who brings multitudes of blessings to her followers, Freyja can challenge and make you work for your goals. But the rewards are deep. In the end she will teach you the joy of living, the joy of being free, being strong, and enjoying every moment of life to its fullest.

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