Avatar frank_bklyn

Oh.... Did I mention the occasion for this `random` event? The MTA (transit authority) has just restructured a bunch of the train lines going over the Manhattan Bridge (which just finished being rehabilitated).

This is/was the last time the Q diamond train will run. So people had signs like "Diamonds AREN`T forever" and every reference was like "I love Q" or "nothing compares to Q".

Yes, that`s lugolounge in the background.

On February 21 2004 10 Views

Avatar 0x99

0x99 On 22/02/2004


Avatar carpaneda

Carpaneda On 22/02/2004

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Avatar mk11

Mk11 On 22/02/2004

Do they try to make a record of the Guiness book? :)

Avatar prettypretty

Prettypretty On 22/02/2004

Haha this is great! Yes, I lived in the city for merely a year when I was 8, hardly enough time to expericance everything, then moved out to suburbia where there is nothing X__x ROAR. We go to only place there is within miles to have a decent time, the bowling alley :<Your pictures are such fun! I miss out!

Avatar 0609

0609 On 22/02/2004

I like that wink-girl! :)

Avatar melody_maker

Melody_maker On 21/02/2004

i sent 20 bucks to this kid,so he would pay my gold cam for me,....and he fucking robbed me.:|

Avatar manuelakondo

Manuelakondo On 21/02/2004

hahahahahahaa, man , i canŽt stop laugh.....its great!

Avatar jonathann

Jonathann On 21/02/2004

fun fun fun.......neat shot............

Avatar along

Along On 21/02/2004


Avatar cammy

Cammy On 21/02/2004

yes she is :)

Avatar madmaxnyc

Madmaxnyc On 21/02/2004

Hahaha, awesome Lugo face in the back... that chick`s coming on to you Frank... but you probably already have her number ;p

Avatar karinamuniz

Karinamuniz On 21/02/2004

wow, bem louco mesmo. Valeu pela sua visita. Volte sempre :)

Avatar nananana

Nananana On 21/02/2004

luv madness!

Avatar juliyap

Juliyap On 21/02/2004

Now all they need to do is get rid of that crazy G line.

Avatar petitesoeur

Petitesoeur On 21/02/2004

our one and only lounge lizard`s famous mug

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