Avatar frank_bklyn

Ummm... so i guess in new york we have these parties where everyone decides to get on a specific train, the brooklyn-bound Q train at 9:35 PM at Union Square, for example, and then creates a party train.

It`s pretty amazing.

On February 21 2004 34 Views

Avatar bsamp

Bsamp On 29/02/2004

i miss this :(

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Josh On 28/02/2004

Other photos, and other links, at:<A HREF="http://foody.org/q.html" TARGET=_top>http://foody.org/q.html</A>

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Avatar msx_one

Msx_one On 23/02/2004

Funny! We had the same kinda party here in Amsterdam too, a month ago!!

Avatar adject

Adject On 23/02/2004

that looks so fricking fun.

Avatar paleman

Paleman On 22/02/2004

awesome. is liquor involved?

Avatar theyoush

Theyoush On 22/02/2004

that`s excellent!! you crazy new yorkers!

Avatar brillo

Brillo On 22/02/2004

wow.. never heard of that in London.. i guess the party ticket is too expensive around here.. ;)

Avatar spychic

Spychic On 21/02/2004

great shot. did you take this WHILE you were bodysurfing?? looks like fun.

Avatar manuelakondo

Manuelakondo On 21/02/2004

awwww.hahahahahahahahaha!what funny it is!

Avatar familybmx

Familybmx On 21/02/2004

I`ve seen video of that somehwhere, looked fun as hell.

Avatar beanie

Beanie On 21/02/2004

ok...I SEE what your doing here! you enjoy my pain do you?? very cool pic

Avatar eutiveumsonho

Eutiveumsonho On 21/02/2004

great idea!

Avatar alfredostink

Alfredostink On 21/02/2004

Hhahhahahahahaha man, it`s amazing!! how you ny`s are creative!!!!

Avatar angelissima

Angelissima On 21/02/2004


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